Always so good for so little or when you happen to be near one.

Tonight I was too tired (read: lazy) to cook so we went to Swiss Chalet. Don’t judge me!

Mr Chip: Swiss Chalet is a really good place to eat. The Swiss Chalet that we went to had Ethan’s friend’s mom Nadine working there. Their food is really really really awesome. I had mini burgers (plain) and fries with plum sauce. For dessert I had chocolate ice cream with whipped cream. Our food was served by Doug. I would give Doug 4010 out 4010. The restaurant 4009 out of 4010. The one point was deducted because the burgers were a little burnt.

Ethan: I used to dislike Swiss Chalet (always so bad for so mu-uch) but on Father’s day we went there and I tried the perogies. It was love at first bite. So now I want to go to Swiss Chalet every night. Tonight my main course was chicken fingers and french fries. For dessert I had delicious sundaes. Doug, our waiter, served us really Swiss-tacular.

Adam: I had the quarter chicken dinner, meaning somewhere out there there’s a chicken with only one leg left. I only managed to wrestle one perogie from Ethan’s death-like food grip.
 It was good. I tried to get a second but got my finger bitten 😉


I <3 Subway

One of our favorite places to go out for dinner is Subway. It’s especially convenient when it’s a soccer or jujitsu night.

ADAM: My favorite sandwich is steak+cheese on brown. Add lettuce, tomatoes,onions, pickles and south west sauce == heaven. The Subway at Hazeldean and Terry Fox makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies. Not like the one further down Hazeldean. (You know who you are!)

ETHAN: Subway is my favorite restaurant. It is quick, efficient, delicious! It might sound a bit weird but I put chips on my sub and other people should try this too. Subway is a good place to go because it has lots of things to choose. From vegetables to meats to cheeses – you can toast it for a good crunchy sensation. My opinion: Subway is delicious!

MATTHEW: I like Subway too. My favorite sub is a single slice of ham on brown bread with LOTS of Italian dressing (aka sub sauce)and a little bit of salt. No pepper! Achuuuu!!!!! I always get chips to go with it. I also get a 12″ sub because I am so sooo hungry. Yo dogs! You should go to Subway.

Hockey Sushi

Last week we went to Hockey Sushi. It is an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you fill out an order card and the server brings you the things you’ve checked off. Rinse and repeat until full.

ADAM: I tried Broccoli Tempura and I liked it! The rice and chicken was good too. Finish it up with ice cream and you have a winner in my book. A little $$$ though.

ETHAN: Even if I am not quite 11, I haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant. I tried everything that came to the table. The one thing I liked most was the chicken skewers. Mmmmmm! The chicken fried rice was good but I thought that the vegetables in it were a little hard. The one thing that I didn’t try was the chicken sushi – I made my Dad eat it.

ADAM: It’s true! I didn’t like it much. But I tried it.

MATTHEW: Even though I’m only 8 years old this is also my first time going to a sushi place. I had two bowls of ice cream at the end. My Dad thought it would only be $15 each but we were all surprised that it was a $100! I also tried the chicken skewer – I didn’t like it – too much skewer. And chicken.  By not eating it, I am helping protect the wild. The rice was disgusting (ADAM: it wasn’t) – too rice-y (sic).

ADAM: Overall, a nice experience. Won’t go back often due to $. Edit: Please don’t sue us Hockey Sushi.  Cordially, me.