Always so good for so little or when you happen to be near one.

Tonight I was too tired (read: lazy) to cook so we went to Swiss Chalet. Don’t judge me!

Mr Chip: Swiss Chalet is a really good place to eat. The Swiss Chalet that we went to had Ethan’s friend’s mom Nadine working there. Their food is really really really awesome. I had mini burgers (plain) and fries with plum sauce. For dessert I had chocolate ice cream with whipped cream. Our food was served by Doug. I would give Doug 4010 out 4010. The restaurant 4009 out of 4010. The one point was deducted because the burgers were a little burnt.

Ethan: I used to dislike Swiss Chalet (always so bad for so mu-uch) but on Father’s day we went there and I tried the perogies. It was love at first bite. So now I want to go to Swiss Chalet every night. Tonight my main course was chicken fingers and french fries. For dessert I had delicious sundaes. Doug, our waiter, served us really Swiss-tacular.

Adam: I had the quarter chicken dinner, meaning somewhere out there there’s a chicken with only one leg left. I only managed to wrestle one perogie from Ethan’s death-like food grip.
 It was good. I tried to get a second but got my finger bitten 😉