The man heard a soft crack from his knee as he knelt down on the sun burnt grass.

“Okay, remember to stay with the ball. Call for a pass if you are open. Help your teammates move the ball.”

The boy grasped a water bottle as he tilted his head back and took several long gulps.   The man wondered if he had even heard him. He gave the boy a quick once over.  He was sweating a fair bit. The lower portion of the boy’s blue and white jersey was covered in grass cuttings. Ditto for his shin pads and shoes.

He must have sat down on the field at some point, the man thought.

A whistle blew indicating the water break was over.

“Okay, get back in there buddy. You’re doin’ great”, he said.

The boy handed back the water bottle and ran off towards the pitch. The man settled back into his camping chair, rubbing his knee. The boy’s coach was making a pointing motion in mid air as he mentally counted the blue players on the field. Satisfied, he nodded to the referee. A few seconds later  a second whistle blew and the game resumed.

A swarm of blues surrounded the ball. Where the ball had once been was now obscured by a furious blur of kicking legs and size 2 cleats. It was impossible to see exactly which blue player eventually made contact but the ball popped out towards one of the defending red players.
Almost immediately the blue swarm flocked towards him. Unsettled, the red player tried to pass laterally to his left towards an open teammate. His kick missed the ball completely and he hurriedly attempted another pass. By now it was too late, two blues challenged him. The pass ricocheted off a blue shin towards the red’s goal.
The man searched but could not locate the boy’s #2 jersey – like a herd of zebras it was impossible to distinguish individual members. A missed attempt by a red defender to clear the ball gave blue an open shot at goal. The red net keeper kicked away the first shot (later the man would decide it was by blue #5). It was at this point the man noticed blue #2 in perfect position for the rebound. The boy ran up to ball and buried it in the back of the net.

It was 2-0 for blue.

Matthew had scored a goal.


Choppin Broc-a-lay!

This evening we had home made chicken burgers and broccoli pan fried with Parmesan cheese.

And by home made I of course mean made at home from a box.

ADAM: An earnest effort on my part, to mediocre results. DQ for dessert saved the day.

ETHAN: Mmm. I love broccoli, especially the way Dad made it with cheese and garlic salt. (ADAM: Oh yeah garlic salt too). Some kids think that broccoli is disgusting but it is actually quite good. The chicken burgers we buy are like McDonalds but healthier? (ADAM: I would hope so – I don’t fry them). To top it off we went to DQ and I had a medium chocolate milkshake!

MATTHEW er Mr Chip: I did not have broccoli. Broccoli sucks. Whoever likes broccoli is crazy. I did eat pomegranate and a chicken burger. For dessert I had an Oreo Brownie Volcano without the brownie (or the volcano) I would give dessert 100 out of 102. The bad thing was the chocolate sauce. I did not like the colour or the taste. The dinner I would give 99trillion out of 99 trillion. Good bye.

Raisins are meh

Today, much to my surprise, Matthew agreed to try raisins. I’ll let him tell you about it.

MATTHEW aka Mr. Chip: Raisins are good but not THAT good. I would give it about 5 out of 10. There are two things I didn’t like. One, that they are too dry. Second, they were all squashed together. The things I did like was the taste, the after-taste, the before-taste, the after-before taste and the before-after taste.  The last sentence was added by my dad. (ADAM: No I didn’t.) Yes you did. I would eat a little bit of raisins each month. I’d rather eat pomegranate.

ETHAN: I’ve always hated raisins, today did nothing to change my mind. They are dry and they taste weird to me.

This land is Minecraft, this land is yourcraft….

I finally got around to playing Minecraft. I got Ethan and Matthew to teach me how to play. It took me a few minutes to remember what button did what but I got that hang of it. Eventually we created Dadland and worked together to build a castle by a lake. I then constructed a bridge to nowhere (no tax dollars used for this one). What can I say, it’s a work in progress.  Some things I heard myself say to the boys were

“We need more cobblestone! Get back to the mines and don’t come back without a full load!”

“Stop setting fire to the trees Matthew!”

“Stop hitting your brother with a pick axe!”

“Will the forest fires go out on their own?”

“How do I get this chicken out of a hole?. Never mind I just buried it by accident”

MATTHEW’S THOUGHTS: Dad, I was chasing Ethan with a sword, not a pick axe. Minecraft rocks. One time at night I wandered really far and found gold. Unfortunately I couldn’t dig it out and that’s when I decided to come home. My goal is to make a golden pick axe.

Noodle Soup

ADAM: This evening I made my famous scrambled eggs. Famously delicious that is. Adam: 1 Eggs: 0

ETHAN: I liked the eggs. I ate an egg sandwich with fried baloney. I liked all of it.

ADAM’S NOTE: In the spirit of continuing to try new things, Matthew agreed to have chicken noodle soup but this time actually try the noodles.

MATTHEW: Noodles, yummy noodles. Why am I saying this? They tasted like nothing. I give it 4 chickens out of 4.

ADAM: Why are you eating soup on a day that’s 35+ degrees out?

MATTHEW: You made me!

ADAM: You’re grounded

Mmmm ‘psghetti

For desert this evening we had spaghetti with meat sauce from Chances R. (that’s right, dessert). The house spaghetti is called Psghetti a la Chances R.

ADAM: Well, I like the whole wheat pasta and the sauce was excellent. 3.5 meatballs out of 4.

ETHAN: Mmm, spaghetti is good but this spaghetti was delicious. The spaghetti came with green peppers, mushrooms and chicken, none of which I tried 🙂 The rest (sauce and noodles) were delicious. I rate it 7 spaghetti noodles out of 10.

MATTHEW (Mr Chip): It sucked. It really really sucked. I hate spaghetti and so all spaghetti I try sucks. (ADAM: you didn’t actually eat any spaghetti or chicken or mushrooms or green pepper, just a mini morsel of sauce followed by dramatic heaving and simulated purging). I give this a trillion thumbs down.