Nerf or nothing

Where did the weekend go? I don’t know either. Actually I write a poem about it. Now before you read it remember it’s just a poem, it doesn’t mean anything.

Time marches on.

Darkness follows.

No escape and my thoughts race

Writing poems that actually do mean what you think

Until the end.


A busy weekend to be sure. Things I heard myself say: for the third time, the zipper goes in the front! No putting fingers in your barrels! Shoot Aunt Amanda instead!

Ethan: This weekend Matthew and I got nerf guns (lethal weapons). They are so powerful that you say ow when you get hit. Today we went mini golfing. We played best ball. Best ball is where you work together and use the best shot every time. At the last hole we put the golf balls in a machine where if you get it in the middle slot you get a free round. Matthew and I both got free rounds! But Dad didn’t 😦

Matthew: Ethan and I did buy Nerf guns but two of them were actually something called Air Warriors.They are really powerful and Ethan did buy a rapid fire pistol. I on the other hand, bought two mini loadable Nerf pistols that are so powerful that if you hit me in the right spot I might cry. That’s it for me.


2 thoughts on “Nerf or nothing

  1. I love mini-putt! Good job, Ethan and Matthew, on winning the free rounds. Adam, I don’t understand the poem. Does it mean what I think? Love, Aunt Robin xoxox

  2. GrandmaC says:

    Adam, your poem is a little too deep for my understanding – keep writing though !! As far as the mini putting is concerned, the students may be outshining the master. Is that why Dad has a sad face on your blog?
    Ethan and Matthew – Grandma would love to have a Nerf Gun and play with you guys – someday it’ll happen – watch out for me LOL – All my love—- xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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