Back to School

Well, summer vacation has ended. That went quick. Too quick. But I don’t care, I’m still wearing shorts for at least 2 more weeks. Try and stop me!

ETHAN: Tomorrow is the first day of school. I am going into grade 5. I’m excited and not excited. I am excited because I get to see my friends again and meet a new teacher. I am not excited because I have to do math and language and study for tests etc. The one teacher I hope I get is Mrs. Florenet.

MATTHEW: I am excited and not excited about school. Mostly not excited though because of the learning. There will be a lot of rushing around going in and out of school. The thing I am not liking the most is that after the first time you line up you need to find a different spot to line up which is the main spot. The things that I like about it is recess, the pizza lunches and that’s it. I am going into grade 3.

DAD: I don’t feel excited, more nervous than anything. Why is that? I think it’s the homework and assignments and interviews and assignment deadlines I’ll soon be responsible for. And here I thought I finished school.


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Oh DAD… I totally understand your trepidation! What you should know is that you are not alone.
    Ethan… why do you want to have Mrs.Florenet? Is she pretty?
    Matthew (Mr. Chip)… that was my favourite subject in school… PIZZA LUNCH!!!
    Love to all… xoxoxoxoxox

  2. GrandmaC says:

    Hello everyone – sorry to be so long writing, but GrandmaC just got her internet back (my power cord adaptor died)…..Ethan, I really hope that you got Mrs. Florenet – it’s very important to have good teachers!!! Don’t ever worry about your math and studying. You’re a very smart young man just like your Dad!!!! He’ll help you. Grade 5 already – soon you’ll be in high school.

    Mr. Chip, recess and Pizza lunches sound excellent to me !! It would be a toss-up for me…..I hope you got a nice teacher as well -it helps you to like school better !! Don’t forget, the more you learn, the more you can teach your Dad who seems to be a bit nervous about school as well.

    Dear Dad – you’ll be fine (all a part of the process) – Maybe Ethan and Matthew will both have very pretty teachers to make the interviews more bearable LOL.

    Talk to all of you soon. Love, Grandma C xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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