We’re still here

It’s been a while, it’s been a busy summer what with camp, visiting abuelas, Toronto Bluejay games etc.

Today I learned something. I learned I am no fan of questions. Want to know why? TOO BAD. Moving on.

Ethan: 5 weeks ago me and my brother went to a sleep-over camp. At the camp we did lots of fun and exciting things including swimming, sports, getting bitten by mosquitoes and horse flies and other games.
 We stayed in a cabin with 3 other kids and 2 counselors: Honey Badger and Lil’ Red. The most fun thing I did was on the last day: we had a triathlon. The worst part of it was having to partners with a girl. I would have preferred to be partners with my best friend cabin mate Kyle. But it was fun anyway. We had to shoot an arrow at a target, run about 250m and then canoe in a circle before heading to the finish line. We came in first!

Mr Chip: I am writing about Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) books but before I get to that: Ethan, at least I came in second! Moving on. They don’t make CYOA books anymore. CYOA books are based on one topic but there are questions in it that ask you what you want to do. These questions affect the story. Here’s an example of a question from Chinese Dragons:

You are being held hostage by an evil gang of people. The question is

If you would like to charge at the bad guy turn to page 102.

If you would like to stay still and figure out his plan, turn to page 7.

I rate the CYOA book “Chinese Dragons” (it has no dragons!) 1000004 out of 2. So that’s good.


2 thoughts on “We’re still here

  1. GrandmaC says:

    Today I learned something valuable as well – not to ask questions – message received loud and clear. MOVING ON —— Ethan and Matthew – congratulations on first and second place – it sounds like you both had fun (sorry about the “girl” Ethan)… Good score on the CYOA book, Matthew. Good to read your blog again – Grandma missed it, but I know you’ve been busy. All my love to you guys – xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Aunt Robin says:

    Well I couldn’t have said it any better than GrandmaC! Having said that, I will most certainly try….
    Adam – TELL ME WHY (that is not a question, that is a demand).
    Ethan – First place! Woot woot… so proud of you! (Girls are stinky, except for Aunts and Moms and Grandmas)
    Mr. Chip – I LOVE CYOA books! Although when I was a little girl, they had CYOE books … the “E” standing for Ending. I would always choose my own, but I couldn’t get enough of the books, so I would also always read all of the endings. Very proud of you on your second place showing!

    I love the direction this blog is taking… not only food reviews, but camp and books too! Nice 🙂

    I love you guys and miss you!

    Aunt Robin

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