Choppin Broc-a-lay!

This evening we had home made chicken burgers and broccoli pan fried with Parmesan cheese.

And by home made I of course mean made at home from a box.

ADAM: An earnest effort on my part, to mediocre results. DQ for dessert saved the day.

ETHAN: Mmm. I love broccoli, especially the way Dad made it with cheese and garlic salt. (ADAM: Oh yeah garlic salt too). Some kids think that broccoli is disgusting but it is actually quite good. The chicken burgers we buy are like McDonalds but healthier? (ADAM: I would hope so – I don’t fry them). To top it off we went to DQ and I had a medium chocolate milkshake!

MATTHEW er Mr Chip: I did not have broccoli. Broccoli sucks. Whoever likes broccoli is crazy. I did eat pomegranate and a chicken burger. For dessert I had an Oreo Brownie Volcano without the brownie (or the volcano) I would give dessert 100 out of 102. The bad thing was the chocolate sauce. I did not like the colour or the taste. The dinner I would give 99trillion out of 99 trillion. Good bye.


2 thoughts on “Choppin Broc-a-lay!

  1. GrandmaC says:

    Broccoli is O.K. with other vegetables as well BUT the best part is DQ for dessert!!! Keep trying Mr. Chip.

  2. Aunt Robin says:

    Dear Mr. Chip… broccoli is very good for you… but on the bad side, it gives you smelly gas. Who wants that??!!! No one I say! I try to stay away from it too (but.. you HAVE to try dark green veggies… they make you grow stronger). Love you all!

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