Raisins are meh

Today, much to my surprise, Matthew agreed to try raisins. I’ll let him tell you about it.

MATTHEW aka Mr. Chip: Raisins are good but not THAT good. I would give it about 5 out of 10. There are two things I didn’t like. One, that they are too dry. Second, they were all squashed together. The things I did like was the taste, the after-taste, the before-taste, the after-before taste and the before-after taste.  The last sentence was added by my dad. (ADAM: No I didn’t.) Yes you did. I would eat a little bit of raisins each month. I’d rather eat pomegranate.

ETHAN: I’ve always hated raisins, today did nothing to change my mind. They are dry and they taste weird to me.


2 thoughts on “Raisins are meh

  1. GrandmaC says:

    Ethan, I’m with you – however, I will eat them in butter tarts!!!! Mr. Chip, you’re just too funny!! Can’t wait until your next blog. All my love xoxoxoxo

  2. ah yes, but you like ‘raisin’ the score in soccer.

    ethan: i have to agree with you. raisins ARE weird.

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