This land is Minecraft, this land is yourcraft….

I finally got around to playing Minecraft. I got Ethan and Matthew to teach me how to play. It took me a few minutes to remember what button did what but I got that hang of it. Eventually we created Dadland and worked together to build a castle by a lake. I then constructed a bridge to nowhere (no tax dollars used for this one). What can I say, it’s a work in progress.  Some things I heard myself say to the boys were

“We need more cobblestone! Get back to the mines and don’t come back without a full load!”

“Stop setting fire to the trees Matthew!”

“Stop hitting your brother with a pick axe!”

“Will the forest fires go out on their own?”

“How do I get this chicken out of a hole?. Never mind I just buried it by accident”

MATTHEW’S THOUGHTS: Dad, I was chasing Ethan with a sword, not a pick axe. Minecraft rocks. One time at night I wandered really far and found gold. Unfortunately I couldn’t dig it out and that’s when I decided to come home. My goal is to make a golden pick axe.


2 thoughts on “This land is Minecraft, this land is yourcraft….

  1. GrandmaC says:

    I’ll probably never understand this game, but anything involving fires, axes and buried chickens sounds pretty good to me. Have fun guys!!

  2. I really enjoy this game, really nice stuff to have spiders, enderman, and zombies attacking you. First thing is to learn on survival on Minecraft, if we keep on playing after that, than it will be easy and had got lots of fun.

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