Noodle Soup

ADAM: This evening I made my famous scrambled eggs. Famously delicious that is. Adam: 1 Eggs: 0

ETHAN: I liked the eggs. I ate an egg sandwich with fried baloney. I liked all of it.

ADAM’S NOTE: In the spirit of continuing to try new things, Matthew agreed to have chicken noodle soup but this time actually try the noodles.

MATTHEW: Noodles, yummy noodles. Why am I saying this? They tasted like nothing. I give it 4 chickens out of 4.

ADAM: Why are you eating soup on a day that’s 35+ degrees out?

MATTHEW: You made me!

ADAM: You’re grounded


2 thoughts on “Noodle Soup

  1. GrandmaC says:


  2. GrandmaC says:

    Ethan, I’m with you. I love baloney!! Adam, why did you “make” Matthew eat soup??? Mr. Chip, keep trying – you’re doing a fine job. Love to all.

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