Mmmm ‘psghetti

For desert this evening we had spaghetti with meat sauce from Chances R. (that’s right, dessert). The house spaghetti is called Psghetti a la Chances R.

ADAM: Well, I like the whole wheat pasta and the sauce was excellent. 3.5 meatballs out of 4.

ETHAN: Mmm, spaghetti is good but this spaghetti was delicious. The spaghetti came with green peppers, mushrooms and chicken, none of which I tried 🙂 The rest (sauce and noodles) were delicious. I rate it 7 spaghetti noodles out of 10.

MATTHEW (Mr Chip): It sucked. It really really sucked. I hate spaghetti and so all spaghetti I try sucks. (ADAM: you didn’t actually eat any spaghetti or chicken or mushrooms or green pepper, just a mini morsel of sauce followed by dramatic heaving and simulated purging). I give this a trillion thumbs down.


One thought on “Mmmm ‘psghetti

  1. Amanda castrucci says:

    Love the blogs Adam Matthew and Ethan! They are very entertaining! For some reason when I read them I want to eat! Not sure why!
    Love you all
    Xo Aunt Amanda

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